12Bar Slides Launches Innovative New Range of Guitar Slides

12Bar Slides Launches Innovative New Range of Guitar Slides
New guitar slide manufacturer puts all styles under one roof with eye-catching colours and accessories.
12Bar Sides, a new brand of guitar slide, announces the launch of a range of guitar slides with the widest variety of styles and colours available on the market today.
In addition to the traditional clear glass, ceramic, steel and brass materials, 12Bar Slides offer coloured glass in both solid and transparent shades and a range of vibrantly coloured aluminium slides that look as bright as they sound.  On some models, classic sizes are standard with the option of a larger circumference with removable neoprene inner sleeve for the ultimate in comfort and versatile fit.
The slides are complemented by a range of accessories such as carrying cases, velvet bags and branded merchandise and come in non-plastic wholly recyclable packaging at a competitive price point.  Suggested selling prices range from £10 – £30 (approx. $13 – $39 USD)
12Bar Slides CEO, Kip Easton, says:
“I’ve always been enamoured with the sound of slide guitar playing, and a few years ago I had an idea to create a specialist slide company that offers a wide range of materials, sizes and also vibrant colours. Fast-forward to today, several hundred prototypes and refinements later to get the sound and the look just right, and I’m very excited to finally be bringing 12Bar Slides to market.”
12Bar Slides are currently launching a major marketing programme and are seeking distributors and dealers worldwide.  First Line Distribution has been appointed as UK distributor, and Jay Henson has this to say:
“As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to be involved.  The products are genuinely exciting, and12Bar Slides has some extremely cool ideas.  We’ve already got some dealers hooked before receiving our first order!”
12Bar Slides are ready to ship now as a limited range with the full selection available from 1 February 2020.