Trophy Music Co. add a new line of Tropical Rain sticks and Taracas shakers

Trophy Music Co. add a new line of Tropical Rain sticks and Taracas shakers

The new Tropical Rain Sticks and Taracas shakers from the Trophy Music Co. follow its concept of a ‘fun for kids’ approach in their early stages for music and rhythm.

Offered in 5 colours, Canary Yellow, Rainforest Green, Kiwi Lime Green, Mango Tango and Wild Cherry, these colourful Rain Sticks at 41.2cm in length, x 44mm diameter, have indeed been designed with small hands in mind.

Slowly tipping the Rain Sticks upside down, provides a gentle and soothing rain sound reminiscent of a tropical forest. Whilst compact in size, specially designed internal baffles provide a soft, lingering sound usually found in much longer rain sticks.

There’s a history lesson here for kids too, as it’s thought rain sticks were first invented by the Manpuche people in south Central Chile, where they were played in the belief that they could bring about much needed rain storms.

In addition to the traditional soothing rain sound, the new Rain Sticks, make excellent shakers with tremendous projection.

For shakers with tonal options, the Trophy Music Co has also launched a set of 4 colourful Taracas finished in Kiwi Lime Green, Canary Yellow, Mango Tango and Wild Cherry in 4 tube sizes offering a variety of high and low percussive sounds.

Both the new Rain sticks and Taracas shakers are lightweight, extremely durable and are indeed fun to play and an excellent way to develop dexterity, creativity and a sense of rhythm which is so important for a child’s introduction to music.

The Trophy Music Co will also make a donation to the WWF for each Rain Stick sold.

Trophy Musical Instruments:

Tropical Rain Sticks: £15.99 rrp each.

RS10 Canary Yellow
RS12 Rainforest Green
RS14 Kiwi Lime
RS16 Mango Tango
RS18 Wild Cherry

FN252 Taracas Shaker Set of 4: £19.99 rrp

Trophy Music Co products are distributed in the UK and selected European countries by JHS