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Kramer 1983 Baretta Reissue Available Now Worldwide

Faithful Reissue of Groundbreaking Baretta is the First Offering From the Kramer Historic Collection, Made in Japan.

Kramer, the original Made to Rock Hard guitar brand has been setting trends with premium, performance-focused instruments since 1976. Kramer is proud to announce the first offering from the new Kramer Historic Collection, Made in Japan. This new legend is lovingly handcrafted in Japan based on scans and details from an original “Holy Grail” Baretta. The Kramer 1983 Baretta Reissue is now available globally and at all authorized Kramer dealers and on


In 1983, the Kramer Baretta was first introduced to the world. Few models can claim to have changed the course of musical history, but that is exactly what the Baretta did when it was embraced by a new generation of highly innovative hard rock and metal guitarists. The wildly successful Baretta was the perfect platform for their fretboard pyrotechnics, and its success was a major contributor to Kramer becoming the most popular guitar brand in the world by the mid-1980s. With its double cutaway maple body providing excellent sustain and unimpeded access to the Rosewood fretboard, the powerful simplicity of the Baretta’s single Seymour Duncan® ’59 pickup paired with a single volume control, and a Floyd Rose R5 locking tremolo that stays in tune under even the most demanding wiggle stick acrobatics, it is still the quintessential hard rock and metal guitar that is Made to Rock Hard. This faithful reissue of the groundbreaking 1983 Baretta was lovingly crafted in Japan to vintage specifications and comes with a Kramer hardshell case.

Explore the Kramer 1983 Baretta, HERE.

With its Original, Modern, Artist, and Historic Collections, Kramer offers entry-level and intermediate options, as well as guitars for professional musicians, and continues to be the guitar of choice for today’s rock and metal legends.


About Kramer:

Loud, proud, and never following the crowd, Kramer is MADE TO ROCK HARD and has been setting trends since it was first launched in 1976. Kramer released the first guitars specifically designed for metal and rock shredder virtuosos; iconic Kramer designs like the Baretta, Pacer, Vanguard, NightSwan, and SM-1 deliver the kind of speed, performance, and playability that they demand. Made for rule-breakers that play fast and loud, Kramer has been embraced by legendary rockers like Eddie Van Halen, Vivian Campbell, Richie Sambora, Elliot Easton, and Mick Mars during the height of the metal era in the 1980s—a period when Kramer was the most popular guitar brand in the world. Kramer’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment to performance makes Kramer instruments the choice of today’s hard rock and metal shredders such as Charlie Parra, Tracii Guns, and Snake Sabo. Based in Nashville, TN, Kramer joined the Gibson Brands family in 1997. Check us out at and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  Kramer – Made to Rock Hard.

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