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KRK Introduces New CLASSIC 5 Monitor Pack

All-in-one Package Includes two CLASSIC 5 Monitors, Cables, and Isolation Pads for a Complete Audio Solution

With proven performance built on decades of successful studio monitoring, the KRK CLASSIC 5 Studio Monitors have become an industry staple for budding producers and seasoned mix engineers. Now, it’s even easier for users to get their hands on a CLASSIC with the introduction of the all-new KRK CLASSIC 5 Monitor Pack: a comprehensive package featuring a pair of KRK Classic 5 monitors, two XLR cables, and two wedge isolation pads for just $299. Available online at and through select dealers, the CLASSIC 5 Monitor Pack provides tried, true, and reliable KRK sound in a hassle-free ensemble.

“As a long-trusted audio solution within the industry, we’re excited for the CLASSIC 5 monitors to be more accessible than ever,” says Sterling Doak, Senior Director of Marketing, Gibson Brands. “We’re always looking to raise the bar on value, and the CLASSIC 5 pack does just that—producers can now find everything they need for their speaker setup in one place without the need for multiple purchases. Whether you’re saving up to build out your home studio or looking for the best value when adding monitors to your existing studio, the CLASSIC 5 bundle will fit all your needs.”

KRK Classic 5

A staple among hip hop, R&B, and pop producers, the CLASSIC 5 defaults to a flat frequency solution for critical listening and more accurate mixes. An optional +2 dB KRK Bass Boost also provides the enhanced bass response and sound that music creators around the world have loved for years.

Additionally, the CLASSIC 5 monitors offer Volume, HF, and LF level adjustments to tailor the monitors to any acoustic environment and fine-tune the monitoring level. Class AB amplification with region-specific linear power supplies produces 50 watts of power, with a 30-watt amp driving the woven glass fiber woofer and a 20-watt amp for the soft dome textile tweeter.

Beyond the esteemed CLASSIC 5 Studio Monitors, the CLASSIC 5 Monitor Pack also includes additional accessories to complete your speaker setup. Get mixing right away with the two 10-foot XLR cables, which allow you to connect the monitors to most audio interfaces and mixing consoles, while a pair of acoustic foam wedge isolation pads allow for improved clarity while providing a protective barrier to the workspace surface.

The KRK CLASSIC 5 are part of the KRK CLASSIC Series, which were inspired by the brand’s popular ROKIT line. Included in the series are the seven-inch CLASSIC 7 and eight-inch

CLASSIC 8 monitors. All three solutions build off KRK’s 30 years of innovation to deliver the same features, accuracy, and performance, and are an ideal springboard into the world of premium KRK studio monitoring.

The new KRK CLASSIC 5 Monitor Pack is available online now and through select dealers. For more information, visit:

About KRK:

Over the past three decades, KRK, part of Gibson Pro Audio, has become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance in the world of studio monitors, subwoofers, and headphones. KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of home studios and professional studios alike, no matter the style of music or application. For more information, visit

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