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Tracktion Introduce Theia Plugin

Tracktion Corporation introduces Theia, a synth plugin designed to provide easy access to the mighty Hyperion Synth and its gorgeous sound library.

Hyperion is the highly rated digital, modular synthesizer, created by Paul Carter, AKA Waveseqencer. Award winning sound designer Reek Havok said: ‘WOW, Hyperion is one of the few software synthesizers that sounds like a hardware synth!

The new Theia plugin, designed by the same team, provides an effortless way into the compelling Hyperion synth and its vast, stunning sound library. Its minimalist interface puts the focus on music creation and performance by placing the core controls for each sound within easy reach. This new plugin allows users to browse complex patch designs, automate pre-assigned macro controls and get feedback with waveform preview as they navigate the carefully curated library of sounds.

Finding the perfect sound in Theia’s huge library of 587 factory pre-sets is easy. The browser allows musicians to filter by instrument type, performance and emotion. Favorites can be set and recalled with the click of a button. Plus, the Sounds Layer Editor offers access to all layers of the pre-set’s lush sounds so they can then be modified and adjusted independently. Theia’s sound set is 100% patch compatible with Hyperion and new sounds can be created in Hyperion for Theia.

The new Theia plugin, normal cost $65, is available with a 40% discount for a limited period. A cross grade path to Hyperion is in place and it is available FREE to all Hyperion owners.

Theia is an instant source of musical inspiration for music producers of all genres. To purchase please go to

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