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Barnes and Mullins

XCHANGE HD Launch – Next Gen Music Hardware Distribution

XCHANGE has launched a new and modern hardware distribution system, XCHANGE HD, which enables Resellers to buy physical products from Vendors using the same award-winning automated software delivery platform. With XCHANGE HD, Resellers can purchase physical products alongside software products 24/7, and the system connects products to any country and hundreds of Resellers using vetted Logistics Centers worldwide. This next-generation integrated global distribution model simplifies the shipping and buying process, multiplying efficiencies and profits for all parties involved.

XCHANGE has carefully selected and curated a list of world-class Logistics Centers, strategically positioned around the world to provide shipping and receiving services for XCHANGE Vendors, and complemented them with a network of Marketing Centers, Service Centers, and Experience Centers, making XCHANGE HD an authentic, robust evolution of distribution.

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