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Stephane Misseghers (dEUS) joins high-end newcomer Taran Custom Drums

Taran Custom Drums are thrilled to welcome dEUS drummer Stephane Misseghers as an official endorsee.

“Once a professional musician is happy with his brand of instruments, it’s often very hard to change their mind to something else. But sometimes, the different pieces of the puzzle fit together so nicely that a change of heart is simply impossible to resist. And that’s exactly what happened when Stephane Misseghers from dEUS got in touch with us, here at Taran Custom Drums.”

Scouting the field first

“I first met Frank from Taran over a year ago when he asked me to come and test his drums in his shop”, Stephane recalls. “When I saw and tested his drums, I immediately knew that this was the real deal.” But when trying to seduce an international artist, producing premium quality isn’t enough. Consistency, reliability and being able to deliver quickly are just as important. And back in 2021, Taran still had some learning to do in that regard. “I liked the idea of promoting a Belgian brand as a Belgian musician right from the start, but when you’re on the road you need to be sure you don’t get in trouble with your gear”, says Stephane. “When playing with a smaller brand, that might be an issue.” Stephane Misseghers. “Finally, in November last year, Stephane felt confident enough to give it a shot.” – Taran Custom Drums.

A kit with an amazing look and a supreme sound

Stephane asked for specific measurements for the kit, so Taran built him a 5 piece kit that’s made up of a 10×7’ and a 13×7,5’ rack tom, a 16×16’ and a 18×16’ floor tom and a 24×14’ bass drum. Taking into account that he plays rock music and likes a solid low pitch, Taran opted for shells in mostly mahogany. But a special kit needs a special design so Taran added an extra touch with a padouk band in the middle, rimmed with maple lines.

“The kit is very stable in the low tones: no wows, no flutters”

And how does Stephane feel about his kit? “The low tones of this kit are amazing, especially in the toms and floor toms. They’re very stable, there are no wows or flutters,” he says. “And once the kit is tuned, the PA guy has a very easy job. He just has to open the channels and you’re good to go.” And as far as looks go, Stephane loves the finishing of the kit which is crafted to perfection. It definitely sparks curiosity for what more this brand has in store for the drumming world.

Taran Custom Drums

Founded in 2020 Taran Custom Drums is a Belgian brand of premium snare drums and drum kits. Founder and master builder Frank Cox takes pride in building nothing short from the best possible instruments that can sway even the most demanding professional. This way he wants to help drummers to stand out with a unique look and sound that matches their style as a performer. As such, Taran’s motto “built to blast”, speaks for itself. This company wants to blow musicians away on every possible level: quality, look, sound and experience. They aim to give their customers nothing but perfection.

Stephane Misseghers

Stephane Misseghers is a Belgian drummer who’s best known for his performances as a (former) member of Soulwax, Vive la Fête, Waldorf. He has been a member of dEUS since 2003. He is also a seasoned producer and a guest teacher at the Conservatory of Ghent.



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