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Barnes and Mullins

Danelectro ’59 Triple Divine Introduced

Installed with a trio of Danelectro’s 1950’s vintage lipstick pickups, with alnico 6 sand-blasted magnets and 80/20 brass tubes, the new Danelectro® ‘59 Triple Divine™ offers even more of the company’s flagship crystal clear, warm, open low-end, searing mids and classic Dano chime…all from one guitar!

The sonically enhanced lipstick pickups produce additional ‘in-between’ sounds via a CRL® 5-way switch, which sound like a ‘slice of heaven’ and, for singing, soaring lead lines with a fast attack, the bridge pickup is wired 20% hotter.

Accurate tuning and pin-point intonation is ensured with straight string-pull from 3-aside Gotoh® 15:1 vintage tuners, via a bone nut, to the fully adjustable die cast six saddle bridge, whilst the famous Danelectro short-horn double cutaway semi-hollow body design and bolt-on maple neck, allows easy access to the full length of the 21 fret, flat radius fingerboard.

Available in four striking colours, Red, Black, Blue Metallic and Dark Burgundy, offset with cream body bindings and chrome hardware, the stunning new Danelectro® ‘59 Triple Divine™ is perfect for a host of styles, from surf to country, rockabilly to blues, pop and rock.

The Danelectro® ’59 Triple Divine™ is a perfect example of why this legendary brand still remains as one of the most popular styles of electric guitar, after all, they were there at the beginning with one of the first electric guitars that helped start the birth of rock and roll.

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