Kustom Sienna Pro 30 & Pro 65 Amps Review


Sister site Acoustic Review takes a look at two offerings from Kustom Amps, the Sienna Pro 30 & 65. Take a listen to hear what Ben thought about these two acoustic amps.

The Sienna Pro 30 is a 30 watt amp with a 10” speaker. It has a 1/4 inch jack Mic and Line input, and 1/4 inch jack Guitar input, with passive and active settings. The global EQ section features low, mid and high, as well as a frequency ‘notch’ filter. The amp has an external speaker out and line out on the rear, digital chorus and reverb are included as well, and the amp has an RRP of £189.
The Pro 65 is, unsurprisingly, 65 watts with a 12” speaker. It has an XLR microphone input and 1/4 jack inputs for guitar. The mic channel has three band EQ and a phase switch, whereas the guitar channel has two band EQ and a notch filter. 8 digital effects ranging from reverb to chorus and slapback delay can added to each channel individually, the amp also features an external speaker and line out, and it has an RRP of £329.

Sienna Pro 30 RRP £189

Sienna Pro 65 RRP £329