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Latin Percussion Launches Barriles De Bomba Drums

Latin Percussion have launched the Barriles De Bomba traditional drums, which have been used for over 400 years in Puerto Rican folkloric music called Bomba. Available in two sizes, the higher pitch Primo or Subidor is played as the lead drum to follow the dancers and the larger Buleador is used to provide a steady, hypnotic rhythm. Watch the Barriles De Bomba being played here.

LP is proud to honor the culture and people of Puerto Rico who have been important contributors to Afro-Caribbean and Latin music. The 26” tall Barriles are constructed from 2-ply Siam Oak with natural rawhide heads fitted using traditional rims. Plus, they feature decorative metal bands that are reminiscent of traditional drums from the island.

The Latin Percussion 14-Inch (LP2614-MS ) and 16-inch (LP2616-MS) Siam Oak Barriles De Bomba have chrome plated heart side plates with 5/16″ diameter tension rods and are supplied with a bag.

Camilo Molina and Marcos Lopez who assisted LP’s R&D team with the development commented “We are so proud and honored to be part of the development process. As practitioners of Puerto Rican culture, we are very excited that LP recognizes the importance and impact of our music.

To find out more about the new Barriles De Bomba and other LP products, please go to #wearerhythm


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