Rockboard QuickMount Pedal Riser

Rockboard QuickMount Pedal Riser

The RockBoard QuickMount Pedal Riser is a handy tool for raising the effects pedals in the upper rows of the pedal board.

The pedals can be reached more easily by increasing the height of the upper row and the Pedal Riser enables musicians to use the footswitches on those pedals without unintentionally stepping on the pedals in the front row when no switcher system is used. The innovative QuickMount system can be easily mounted and removed from the slot grid of a RockBoard pedalboard without additional tools. The surface offers the appropriate recesses to mount effects pedals with RockBoard QuickMount pedal mounting plates directly on the Pedal Riser.


  • QuickMount pedal riser for effects pedals
  • heightening tool for one effects pedal in standard format for better accessibility of the pedal on the upper rows of a RockBoard pedalboard
  • multiple pedal risers next to each other offer space for larger effects pedals
  • easy mounting in the slot grid of a RockBoard pedalboard
  • surface with matching recesses for RockBoard QuickMount pedal mounting plates
  • angled design
  • powder coated black surface
  • dimensions (L x W): 135 x 76 mm, height: 25 – 46 mm (incl. rubber feet)
    (L x W): 5 5/16″ x 2 63/64″, height: 63/64″ – 1 13/16″ (incl. rubber feet)

Available from mid of June

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