The RANE® ONE Now Supports DJAY PRO AI by ALGORIDDIM and Virtual DJ Software

The RANE® ONE Now Supports DJAY PRO AI by ALGORIDDIM and Virtual DJ Software

RANE, an established innovator and leader in the DJ industry, have announced compatibility of the RANE ONE professional motorised DJ controller with two leading DJ software interfaces, djay PRO AI by Algoriddim and Virtual DJ. 

RANE’s ONE is the ultimate Professional Motorised DJ Controller, a complete DJ performance solution featuring authentic motorised 7” turntable platters, ultra-light MAG FOUR crossfader, performance-enhancing FX software controls and much more, all within RANE’s famous industrial build quality. 

Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI software for Mac and iOS is now plug-and-play compatible with the RANE ONE, giving users hardware access to djay Pro AI’s software interface. In addition to features such as effects, samples, cue points and loops, DJs can now utilise the software’s Neural Mix technology on the RANE ONE. This real-time music source separation allows for the isolation of beats, instruments, and vocals of any song using cutting-edge AI. This update also includes support enhancements and improved integration with the RANE SEVENTY mixer. 

Virtual DJ is also plug-and-play compatible with the RANE ONE and is a robust DJ software for DJs of all skill levels. RANE ONE users can now access Virtual DJ’s flagship features, including Real-Time Stems Separation. This allows DJs to separate the elements of any track on the fly, isolating or combining individual musical elements and vocals. 

Both djay Pro AI and Virtual DJ are available for download on the respective company websites, and