GEWA Announce Air Avantgarde Violin Case

GEWA Announce Air Avantgarde Violin Case

With the market launch of the new GEWA Avantgarde violin case, the popular GEWA Air series takes one step to the next generation: GEWA Air Avantgarde is the most modern companion for every violinist.

Thanks to the Hi-Tec surface in mesh optic the Avantgarde is an eye-catcher with a luxurious look and feel. The case has a slim and elegant form, a low weight, and will be available in four colors: Gold, Black, Bordeaux and Green.

The GEWA Air Avantgarde is made out of our special ‘Air’-material which is the perfect composition of stability and outstanding insulation ability of both, temperature and moisture. This is possible because of the deformability of the material, just as in the automotive industry: Impacts do not lead to breakage, but are absorbed.

It is the concept of the Avantgarde to combine beautiful design with the best possible protection. The case which is made in Germany therefore is equipped with velour padding on the inside and adjusted for any standard 4/4 size. In addition, the instrument is covered by a padded suspension system and a protective blanket. The GEWA patented swivel-type bow holder, the flexible bow bridge as well as the functional, removable accessory pocket guarantee secured extra space.  For a faster access to your notes and tablet, the bag also has an attached music sheet pocket. Also the case is secured by two combination locks.

A touch of elegance is added through the all new hand-sewn perforated leather handle which is also available as an additional side handle. Not only the low weight, but also the enclosed removable neoprene backpack straps ensure maximum comfort on longer trips.

  • GEWA Air Avantgarde GOLD/BLACK / GEWA item no.: 316.800
  • GEWA Air Avantgarde BLACK/BLACK / GEWA item no.: 316.810
  • GEWA Air Avantgarde BORDEAUX/BLACK / GEWA item no.: 316.830
  • GEWA Air Avantgarde GREEN/BLACK / GEWA item no.: 316.840


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As well as its joint ventures for manufacturing and distribution in China, GEWA is proud of its workshops in Adorf, Germany, where they produce products such as string bowed instruments and accessories, digital pianos and their most recent addition, digital drums.