Thomastik Infeld Rondo & Ti Strings Now Available in the UK

Thomastik Infeld Rondo & Ti Strings Now Available in the UK

Barnes & Mullins, the exclusive UK distributors of Thomastik Infeld strings, are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of Rondo and Ti strings in the UK & Ireland.

Thomastik Infeld – Rondo:

Rondo strings are another class-leading bowed instrument string from Thomastik Infeld and feature a distinct set of characteristics. With their huge dynamic range, strong balanced projection, and silky, warm sound, they were created with sophisticated players in mind and are particularly popular among soloists. With an immediate bow response and a long-life span, Rondo strings are a great choice for a broad range of bowed musicians and are suitable for many styles of playing.

Available in new package quantities for violin and cello, Rondo strings are available to order as single strings as well as full sets with retail prices at £82.65 (violin set) and £276.00 (cello set).

Rondo strings work especially well on older vintage instruments, making them an excellent string for luthiers and repair workshops to fit onto violins and cellos that have undergone set-ups and professional luthier work.

Instrument repairers and specialist retailers with luthier workshops can take advantage of reduced prices when ordering bulk tubes of 12 (violin) or 6 (cello) individual strings.

Thomastik Infeld – Ti:

Part of Thomastik Infeld’s Luthier Series, Ti violin strings are all-around, top quality strings that combine a beautifully warm sound with excellent string to string balance.

They settle in quickly and allow the true tonal colours of instruments to shine through naturally. They perform well on many instruments and are therefore an excellent choice for workshops and luthiers to fit to a wide array of repaired and newly set-up instruments.

With excellent pitch stability, a comfortable left-hand feeling and a focused sound, Ti strings are also particularly popular among chamber musicians and orchestra players.

Ti violin string sets retail for £56.45 (SRP).

New Rondo and Ti strings are available to order now along with the full Thomastik Infeld string catalogue from the Barnes & Mullins trade portal –