Yamaha Presents The New Clavinova CLP-700 Series

Yamaha Presents The New Clavinova CLP-700 Series

Yamaha not only due to its heritage has a proud tradition of excellence in the development and construction of high-quality acoustic and innovative electronic instruments. They can look back on over 100 years of experience. This dedication to setting new standards in the digital music segment can once again be seen with the new Clavinova CLP-700 series. Created for experienced pianists and beginners alike, this exquisite new series offers endless opportunities for learning, creative musical expression and simple fun. The new instruments come with a maximum of natural playability, complete with the breath-taking sound quality that Yamaha has achieved through decades of acoustic concert piano craftsmanship.

Real Grand Expression 2 pays special attention to the sensitivity of the player. Even the tiniest nuances of the keystroke from touching to triggering the tone are converted into an unlimited variety of sounds. Another innovation is the Grand Expression Modeling, which translates even the finest sound variations produced by the player as if being played on an acoustic concert grand piano. This combined with the improved Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), ensures an incredibly detailed reproduction of the complex interplay and smallest nuances created by acoustic concert pianos. These interactions consist of keystrokes, hammer movement, dampers, pedals, strings and finally, the resonance of the entire sound body. The new CLP-700 series offers all players an unforgettable, concert grand piano experience, while also being much more than just an alternative to an acoustic instrument. Depending on the model, one can also enjoy the GrandTouchTM and new GrandTouch-STM keyboards. Both convey an outstanding level of authenticity and rich harmony. This is in part achieved by the different key lengths, counterweights and the pivot point between the white and black keys. In addition, they offer a high degree of expressive control in individually shaping the tone from Pianissimo to Fortissimo.

Another fascinating feature can be seen in the intricate samples of the exclusive Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos. Their sound was recorded in a new procedure, as well as the coveted Binaural sampling of both concert grand pianos for playing with headphones. This innovative technology conveys a sense of space as if not wearing headphone at all and offers hours of musical fun while providing hearing protection even with louder volumes. A first as well: The new CLP series now comes with added Fortepiano sounds for all aficionados of 18th and 19th century Fortepiano music. In terms of design, there have also been further developments. This can be seen in that all voices and functions for the models from CLP-775 to CLP-795GP can now be elegantly selected via touch sensors below the LCD screen. The control panel illumination immediately turns off a few seconds after use. This gives these exceptional models the classic appearance of refined acoustic instruments.

For information on CLP availability and where to buy, please visit the Yamaha website. There you will also find an overview of the different models and colour variations.
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