‘Brand Mouthpieces’ coming to the UK with Barnes & Mullins

‘Brand Mouthpieces’ coming to the UK with Barnes & Mullins

Barnes & Mullins are delighted to confirm the UK and Ireland distribution of ‘Brand Mouthpieces’.

Brand mouthpieces offer brass players an exciting new playing experience. Using patented ‘Turbobore’ technology, Brand TurboBlow mouthpieces deliver more volume and a richer tone thanks to precise threading of the mouthpiece stem cone. Effectively a process of ‘rifling’, each mouthpiece has a specially spiralled airway that increases the energy of each blow, resulting in an overall fuller sound, with a particular benefit in the higher registers.

Designed by former engineering company sales director and enthusiastic brass musician Michael Brand, Brand mouthpieces are made in Switzerland and offer a host of additional benefits to brass players beyond an improved instrument sound. Unlike metal mouthpieces, the construction of Brand mouthpieces means they do not expand and contract in the heat or the cold. Not only do they feel more comfortable on players lips, they also ensure that perfect intonation can be achieved from the very beginning, no matter the weather.

Manufactured from an exclusive cellulose-based composite, Brand mouthpieces are biologically harmless, BPA free and Phthalate free. They are also non-allergenic – so players with metal allergies need not worry any longer. As dirt and debris does not adhere to plastic the way it does to metal, Brand mouthpieces stay cleaner for longer and are easier to clean when required.

The initial UK Brand trumpet mouthpiece range is available with a retail price from £45.95, with trombone and tuba mouthpieces retailing for £59.95 and £73.50 respectively. Brand Boosters – metal additions designed to add weight and focus tone even further – are available in various metal materials from £69.50.

Brand mouthpieces are available to pre-order now in the UK exclusively through Barnes & Mullins, with stock availability from mid-March 2020.