Rupert Bradbury to leave JG Windows

Rupert Bradbury to leave JG Windows

Rupert Bradbury, managing director of the long established Newcastle Upon Tyne retailer JG Windows has announced his resignation, which will take effect from the 30th November.

Rupert Bradbury

In an email to industry colleagues. Bradbury, who was the subject of a Music Instrument News Talking Heads interview as recently as July, gave no reason for his resignation and said that he has made no concrete plans for the future.

In his email, Bradbury says: ‘I’ll look back on my time at J.G.Windows with a huge amount of affection. It’s been an extraordinarily happy time in my working life – despite the usual challenges along the way.  I’d like to assure everyone, that despite the challenges in our industry and on the high street in general, this is very much all about me being ready for a fresh challenge and planning a new future for me and my (large!) family.’