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Barnes and Mullins

Akai adds built-in sounds with MPK Mini Play

Akai Professional has announced the immediate availability of its all-new MPK Mini Play portable MIDI controller. The ultra-portable MPK Mini Play is based on the MPK Mini but now it comes with 128 sounds and its own built-in speaker.

With eight backlit MPC drum pads and a 4-way joystick for simple control, Akai says players have: ‘…all they need to play their music anytime, anywhere. Four knobs (two banks capable of controlling eight different parameters) can be used to tweak sounds and edit multiple parameters in real-time, giving musicians even more performance possibilities. Powered by 3 “AA” batteries, the MPK Mini Play is built for hours of wireless fun’.

The MPK Mini Play can also connect to a computer via USB port for the same plug-and-play MIDI functionality as the original MPK Mini controllers and if not disturbing others is a priority, players can use the mini-audio output jack to connect headphones to the MPK Mini Play.


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