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DiMarzio unleashes Satchur8 humbucker

Di Marzio has introduced the Satchur8 humbucker, designed specially for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. ‘ It has an expressive attack with a warm, sweet singing lead tone. It can go big when you need it and get quiet when you back off,’ the New York maker says.

‘When we started this project, we chose an Alnico 8 magnet because it has lots of output, with a buttery smooth mid-range, deep, full-bodied bass, and a warm, singing solo tone that suits Joe’s playing style. Additionally, the coils were tuned to Joe’s sound. The rich output of the Alnico 8 magnet makes the Satchur8 great for hot humbucking tones’.

Available in F-spacing only, the US-made Satchur8 was announced solely with a US price, which is MAP $79.99


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