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Mooer’s new Radar on target

Hot in the heels of the new Mooer Tender Octaver MI II (see MIN 10th October) comes the new Mooer Radar – a fully featured professional speaker simulator and IR loader designed to be permanent resident at the end of a pedalboard. Equipped with 30 cab models it also has optional microphone and power amp simulation. Mooer says it is ideal for recording or for driving headphones for practice.
With just a single knob control, the Mooer Radar should be easy to set-up and use and its versatility is enhanced when used with Mooer’s Studio PC software which allows users to load in their favourite IR models into any of the 30 cab model slots.
Key features:
30 different speaker cab models
11 mic models
4 power amp models
Customizable EQ stage
Capable of loading custom IR (all sample rates supported)
Store and recall up to 36 user presets
Connect to PC editor via USB
Supports headphones and lineout
The Mooer Radar is available now from distributor Strings and Things.

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