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Mooer’s Tender Octaver back in Mk II form

Mooer’s popular Tender Octaver micro pedal is back, but as a Mk II version. According to Mooer it retains its micro format with simple controls, but comes armed with three brand new algorithms and a true analogue dry through signal.

Mooer says the FAT algorithm contains a huge bassy lower octave ‘…that can shake the walls’ and a soft toned upper voicing: ‘…for a very natural upper octave shimmer. Fat riffs and simulated bass guitar really shine’.
The TIGHT algorithm has a more focused lower octave with a higher, low EQ, cut off point and a sharper upper octave bite. ‘Shredders, fusion players and organ hunters alike, will find sonic delight when flipping the switch into tight mode’.
SWELL mode provides automatic volume swelling of the harmony voices, providing a soft attack and lush release whilst the original dry signal remains completely untouched. ‘Great for emulating a 12-string guitar or creating ambient chords and sound scapes’.
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