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New Kelliher leads Lace line-up

Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher has a new pickup from US specialist maker Lace. The Divinator humbucker is the second model from the Mastodon guitarist and leads several new signature models from various artists now available from UK distributor Hinesite.
‘Working with Lace has always been a success when searching for that tone in my head and what my guitar needs to speak. They are standard in my new line of guitars, says Kelliher. The Divinator pickups will also feature on a new signature model from ESP/LTD.
Other Lace introductions include Matt Pike’s Dragonauts humbuckers and Nate Newton’s Riffblasters P-Bass Pickups.
RRPs are £259.99 for the Divinators and Dragonauts and £139.99 for the bass Riffblasters.

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