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Aldi adds to industry woes with MI promotion this week

Aldi, the German discount supermarket chain that has made major inroads into UK supermarket sales in recent years, has a nasty surprise in store for MI retailers this week. This coming Thursday (10th August) the supermarket will be offering a range of musical instruments and starter packs that can only add to MI retailer woes in what has already been described as ‘the worst summer yet’ by one leading independent music retailer.

Supermarkets selling MI products are nothing new, with most of the major chains having offered guitars, amps and keyboards at some point. However, Aldi’s promotion comes as MI retail sales are widely believed to be at a crisis point, with rumours of at least one major percussion store being set to close and several independents believed to be in trouble.
Aldi’s ‘Freedom’ range will include a student classical guitar, with a bag, for £34.99, a 39″ classical guitar for the same price, a 61 key electronic piano with an LCD screen, 100 rhythm patterns and effects for £69.99, music stands at £9.99, ukuleles at £14.99, a percussion starter set at £9.99 and a guitar stand for £7.99.
Customers don’t even need to live near an Aldi store to buy the products as visitors to the company’s website can get them at the retail price with free delivery.

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