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Source bags two more lines

Fast growing Source Distribution has added two more lines to its high-tech and pro audio brands – Townsend Labs and Expressive-E.

Townsend Labs Inc, is the maker of the widely acclaimed Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling (sic) System. The Sphere aims to set a new gold-standard in microphone modeling technology: ‘Delivering the real three-dimensional characteristics of the most sought-after microphones ever produced’. According to Source, it does this via a proprietary linear-response microphone integrated with a software plug-in package, the user is able to alter fundamental characteristics of recordings, and to do so after the recording has been completed. The user can adjust microphone type, polar pattern, and many other microphone characteristics after tracking. The Sphere additionally allows for stereo recordings from one single microphone, and enables the user to reduce the influence of room characteristics on the final recording.

Simultaneously, Source announced that it had also taken on UK and ROI distribution for Expressive-E products, maker of the innovative Touché expressive instrument and controller.

Touché Hardware

Source says Touché is a new category of instrument: ‘…which offers a unique way to experience, play, and create electronic music. Touché translates gestural control, from broad movements to an extremely light touch, into complex modulation in a fashion that would be difficult to achieve via traditional input methods such as dials, pads and buttons.

‘Right out of the box, customers can take advantage of the multi-dimensional capabilities of Touché by installing the included Lié virtual instrument, which works standalone or in all modern Digital Audio Workstations. These two products work seamlessly together, with Lié providing a library of evocative tones, pads, basses, leads and percussion which take full advantage of the extraordinary control possibilities of Touché.’

Commenting on the appointment, Source Distribution Brand Manager Alex Theakston said: ‘We’ve been absolutely blown away by the results we’ve seen Touché is capable of – there are extraordinary, evocative patches in Lié, and you can be up and running out of the box with them in minutes. But more than this, once you start to interface Touché with other devices, it also has the power to unlock new sounds from all your old equipment. Touché does not replace any existing device, it works in combination with your existing synthesisers, MIDI keyboards, software and modular synths, enormously enhancing what they do in a way that is highly configurable and flexible. A Touché would enhance any studio. As such, Touché is an excellent complement to Source’s existing portfolio of compatible synthesiser brands, and we’re excited to be bringing this forward-thinking new brand to the UK and Ireland.’


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