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JHS announces yet more Supros and £2,000+ retail winner

Supro’s roll-out programme sees yet another amplifier joining the company’s fast growing range with the launch of the 50 Watt Statesman two channel 50 Watt head and combo.
Meanwhile, distributor JHS has announced the winner of the final Event ‘On The Road’ competition for this year, with a Supro prize worth over £2,000. The winner is Musicstore in Basel, Switzerland.
The 1699R Statesman is a two-channel, 50W amplifier said to combine vintage Supro tone with modern channel switching functionality, tube-driven reverb and a multi-purpose, all-tube effects loop.
The red channel found in the Statesman uses the two-knob pre-amp from the Supro Thunderbolt for high-headroom power. The Statesman’s blue channel contains the high-gain pre-amp, 2-band EQ and all-tube reverb section from the Comet model. The Statesman provides A/B/Both channel switching operation, allowing the two channels to be run in parallel, creating a dual-pre-amp sound.
In addition to the tube-driven spring reverb, the Statesman’s blue channel contains an all-tube, switchable effects loop that provides a set of useful functions including “wet only” reverb effects, which can be independently dialled in and blended with the dry sound from the red channel. The variable send and return levels allow the effects loop to function as a level and/or gain boost when engaged, even when nothing is plugged into the loop. The effects loop can also act as a master volume for the blue channel when bedroom levels are desired. As a final touch, both the effects loop and the reverb on the Statesman feature a relay-controlled “spill-over” effect, allowing reverb and delay trails to decay naturally when switching between channels.
The Statesman’s 50 Watt power amp is switchable between Class A and Class AB operation and comes with military-grade Sovtek power tubes that are precision-matched at the Supro factory in Port Jefferson, NY.
Supro’s Statesman is also available as a 1×12″ combo.


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