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Barnes and Mullins

Mel Stewart appointed head of sales & marketing for British Drum Co

British Drum Co has appointed Mel Stewart Head of Sales and Marketing, with the responsibility of co-ordination and development of BDC’s Sales and Marketing department.
Stewart has been working within the music industry for nearly a decade and has successfully contributed to PMT’s House of Drums as Department Manager.
‘I’m delighted to have Mel on-board as he is a dedicated professional and my first choice for this role. He is a proactive individual with huge experience in the retail sector as well as the rest of the drum industry,’ says Keith Keough, Chief Executive Officer of British Drum Co.
‘I’m incredibly proud to join the team at BDC. Their passion for drums and percussion resonates with my own,’ says Stewart. ‘We share the same vision for the future of the brand and look forward to cementing our place as a key global drum manufacturer.’


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