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Lewitt launches new mic trio

Austrian microphone designer Lewitt has three new specialist microphones now available – the Interviewer, the LCT 440 Pure and the LCT 240 Pro.

Of most interest to musicians will be the 440 Pure and LCT 240 Pro. The LCT 440 Pure is at the top of the company’s range and UK distributor JHS says it: ‘represents the distilled essence of their top-of-the-line technology packed into a sturdy, stylish and compact housing, whilst the capsule delivers an impressive level of detail and very low self-noise’. Complete with an LCT 40 SH shock mount, an LCT 40 Wx windscreen, a DTP 40 Lb cushioned leatherette bag and stylish LCT 50 PSx magnetic pop filter, the LCT 440 Pure has an RRP of £279.
The less costly LCT 240 Pro (£149 UK rrp) is billed as a very versatile cardioid condenser microphone: ‘…designed for everyone who’s willing to take the next step toward professional recording’.
JHS says it is suitable for all sound sources including vocals, acoustic instruments, amplifiers and drums making it ideal for the home/project studio market.
Finally, the Interviewer is very much what the name suggests, a sturdy dynamic microphone designed for outdoor applications. The Interviewer features an omnidirectional polar pattern, with a fully rubber mounted capsule. Due to its unique coating Lewitt says, technology all handling noise is reduced to a minimum while offering safe and comfortable grip. With the purpose-built Dust Protection Membrane and its heavily rugged, most resilient housing. The RRP will be £189.

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