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DigiTech ships new CabDryVR pedal

DigiTech has a new cabinet emulator stompbox, the CabDryVR pedal, that enables players to tune and mix 14 cab options (seven each for guitar and bass) to create custom tones.
The CabDryVR features a patented ‘DigiTech Cabinet Tuning control’ which gives players the ability to adjust the size of the cabinet and create custom cab sounds. The twin-channel design allows players to run separate IR models on each channel and achieve the effect of miking two different cabinets. Dual inputs and outputs allow for versatile connections with instruments, external effects and amplifiers. A dedicated optional dry path lets players run a dry signal to an onstage amp while simultaneously sending a wet signal to the house mixer. CabDryVR even allows players to run directly from their pedal boards to a DAW or in-ear monitors without any loss of tone. True bypass electronics ensure the purest signal path possible when disengaged.
The emulations on offer comprise:
Guitar Cabinets
Cab 1 – Vintage American 2×12″
Cab 2 – Vintage British 2×12″
Cab 3 – British Green Slant 4×12″
Cab 4 – British Straight 4×12″
Cab 5 – Heavy American 4×12″
Cab 6 – Smooth Custom 4×12″
Cab 7 – Small Combo 1×8″
Bass Cabinets
Cab 1 – Flexy 1×15″
Cab 2 – Basic 1×15″
Cab 3 – Big Blue 1×18″
Cab 4 – AmeriTweed 4×10″
Cab 5 – Gold Diamond 4×10″
Cab 6 – Vintage Fridge 8×10″
Cab 7 – Blonde Basement 2×12″
The RRP will be £129.


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