Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

Alpine releases video on the effects of tinnitus.

Hearing protection specialist Alpine has launched a new video featuring a young Danish drummer, Paul Much, stressing the importance of good hearing protection and the effects tinnitus has on everyday life.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro

Alpine’s range includes the MusicSafe Pro. The company says its unique Alpine Acoustic Filters reduce the harmful noises and let musicians enjoy their music at safe levels. MusicSafe Pro plugs come in a customisable carry case and the plugs come with a handy lanyard as well as a free spare ear plug.

Alpine Muffy Music Pack

Alpine also produces a wide range of other in-ear and over-ear hearing protection, including PartyPlugs intended for price conscious gig goers and Muffy adjustable fit over-ear hearing protection, which offer a 25dB reduction in levels.


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