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Three new pedals from Electro-Harmonix

Veteran FX maker Electro-Harmonix has three new pedals on offer, the Canyon delay and looper, Operation Overlord stereo overdrive/distortion and the curiously named Blurst modulated filter.

EHX’s Canyon offers ten effects plus a fully featured looper with delay times of 5 milliseconds to three seconds and includes tap tempo with tap divide that can be controlled by the built-in footswitch or an external footswitch. It is also equipped with a Tails switch that allows the user to choose whether echoes repeat or stop immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass.

Operation Overlord

The Operation Overlord is a multi-instrument capable, stereo distortion/overdrive with a broad range of sound options and controls. A three-position switch lets the user select the proper input level for their instrument and ensures that the Operation Overlord is compatible with guitar, keyboards, bass and most electronic instruments, EHX says. Active Treble, Mid and Bass controls plus a Dry blend provide total tone shaping. Silent foot-switchable Normal and Boost modes deliver distortion ranging from mild to saturated. Normal mode uses three JFET gain stages for tube amp-style response and tone while Boost adds a classic pedal-type overdrive circuit before the JFET stages Dedicated LEDs indicate effect status.

The Blurst modulates an instrument’s sound like an envelope filter, but instead of the filter’s response being controlled by playing dynamics, it is controlled by an internal oscillator. The pedal features an analogue low pass filter with adjustable resonance, three modulation waveform shapes: triangle, rising saw-tooth and falling saw-tooth, a range knob that sets the frequency range of the filter’s modulation, a blend control to adjust the mix of the dry and filtered signal plus a volume control to regulate output volume.

Modulation rate is set by either the rate knob or a combination of the tap footswitch and tap divide toggle switch offering quarter, dotted eighth and triplet rhythms. Three EXP modes, range, rate and filter, can be controlled by an expression pedal or control voltage source.

EHX says the result is a pedal that can emulate a wide array of effects: ‘…including phase shifter like swirls, tremolo-style volume shifts, rhythmic filter sweeps, syncopated shuddering when used with a device such as EHX’s 8 Step Analog Expression/CV Sequencer and more’.


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