Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

Vic Firth product releases at NAMM ‘17

Modern Jazz Collection – five models developed with drummers Jeff Ballard, Greg Hutchinson, Joe McCarthy and Lewis Nash.

Cajon Bru-llet – A hickory shaft with plastic bristles combines elements of a brush and a mallet for slap and bass tones.

VKB4 – a foam rubber head for a warm, full cajon bass tone with attack.

Artist Milestone Limited Editions
Buddy Rich Signature Stick – with 100th birthday commemorative logo
Carmine Appice Signature Stick – dipped in black with gold foil logo to commemorate 50 years in the recording industry.

Artist Signature Model updates
Gavin Harrison – features royal blue matte paint grip
Carter Beauford – now with a natural grip

New Essential stick bag – the limited edition product of 2016 is now permanent. Bright red, it holds four or five pairs of sticks, mallets or brushes and has an internal pocket and elastic drum key loop.

Signature keyboard mallets
Rusty Burge Signature Vibraphone mallet
Ed Saindon Signtaure Vibraphone mallet
Iain Moyer Corpmaster Mallets for marimba and vibraphone

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