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Barnes and Mullins

MSC launches Muffkopf beater

The first new item for 2017 to join the Music Shipping Company’s constantly growing catalogue is the Muffkopf Vintage style, bass drum beater cover. MSC says the Muffkopf is a simple and convenient way to get a warm vintage or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. The felt cover, with its faux shaggy fur outer layer simply drops over the pedal beater and then is secured quickly and simply: ‘…making it ideal for a drummer to use mid performance for a quiet number and then immediately go back to regular beater sound.

‘The Muffkopf comes complete with a ‘special’ free comb to keep it looking well groomed, which actually bears a strong similarity to a wooden chip fork! So this muffle which is simple, efficient and effective comes uniquely from a German company with a sense of humour as well’.

Hand made in Germany and endorsed by several leading drummers including Jost Nickel. Available immediately SRP £22.95


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