Barnes and Mullins

Barnes and Mullins

DOD Carcosa Fuzz pedal now available in the UK

DOD’s Carcosa Fuzz pedal, previously only available in the US, is now shipping in the UK, reports UK distributor Sound Technology.

Priced at RRP £89, The Carcosa boasts a number of features that lift it above the usual fuzz box, notably an AFTER bias control with two toggle positions which ‘…creates tones that range from porcine fatness to desiccated shards,’ Sound Tech says.

‘The DOD Carcosa Fuzz has an exaggerated mid-range and treble character that help it stand out in a mix. DOD says it has been designed to cut through a dense and heavy band but still have great note articulation with chords. However, when extreme bias (AFTER) ranges are selected many wild and over-the-top sounds are possible’.


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