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New NEXI promises an end to pedalboard woes

NEXI Industries, a new-to-market Dutch based pedal manufacturer, launches today with a potential solution to the overloaded and unwieldy pedalboards that are an increasing problem for guitarists. Not surprisingly, NEXI calls it – ‘The Solution’.

NEXI has created a unique plug-and-play system that connects up to eight effects pedals in one resilient, splash-proof (beer-proof) pedalboard, equipped with covers that protect ports against dirt and beer spills, It also comes with a built-in tuner and power supply, and two charging docks for tablet or smartphone.

The Solution also boasts a 2-channel switch and 3-step booster (7dB, 12dB and 20dB).

The downside of the NEXI offering is that the user is limited to using NEXI’s own pedals on the board. All NEXI pedals are true bypass and hybrid, for use in The Solution pedalboard or as standalone FX. To use a pedal outside the board, players can use a 9V battery or connect to an external power supply.

To introduce players to this innovative product line, NEXI has created a Starter Pack which includes its Overdrive pedal – one of 14 pedals in the NEXI range.

Launched worldwide, NEXI’s Starter Pack is available for €199.95. Add-on pedals are available at €99 each. Info:

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