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SVM Percussion to distribute CozyDrum rods

SVM Percussion has added the new UK made CozyDrum range of six Pro drum rods to its product range.

CozyDrum Rods are U.K.-produced, professional custom-made rods that are individually made to the highest standard, SVM says.

The rods are manufactured from durable Bamboo and Birch dowels and feature ‘new designs to keep up with today’s modern drummer. Quality checks are carried out on every stick to maintain very high customer satisfaction’.

Currently there are six versions in the CozyDrum range, each with solid-grip handles:

CUSTOM Pro Rods (pair) – 16mm x 410mm, X19 Bamboo, bevelled end – Purple

LITE Pro Rods (pair) – 11mm x 410mm, 6mm Birch with Dowel surround – Yellow

DUAL Pro Rods (pair) – 14mm x 410mm, X19 Bamboo Dowel – Blue

BRUSH Pro Rods (pair) – 16mm x 410mm, X19 Bamboo Dowel – Orange

ROCKERS Pro Rods (pair) – 15mm x 410mm, X7 Birch Dowel, bevelled end – Red

FOAMERS Pro Rods (pair) – 16mm x 410mm X19 Bamboo/Foam core – Black

RRP £13.99 – Pro CozyDrum Rods

RRP £18.99 – CozyDrum ‘Foamers’ Professional Rods


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