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Michael Kelly Guitars chooses KMC for US logistics

How to handle the immense size and complexity of the US MI market is a problem for smaller manufacturers both from the USA and overseas and one that US guitar maker, Michael Kelly, has decided to entrust to the giant KMC music (formerly Kaman).

KMC Music has introduced its KMC Third-Party Logistics Support Program and announced a strategic partnership with Michael Kelly Guitars to provide the innovative guitar manufacturer with a host of third-party inventory management, logistics, and distribution services.

‘This marks another major expansion in the kinds of programs we can offer manufacturers who are challenged daily to meet the demands of an ever changing industry,’ says KMC Music President Mark Terry.  ‘One of KMC Music’s key strengths is its eight acre distribution center in South Haven, Mississippi. This automated state-of-the-art center has the ability to provide a wide range of services to manufacturers who want to limit or eliminate their own investment in these areas.

‘Michael Kelly Guitars is a good case in point. This forward-looking, rapidly growing manufacturer wants to invest more resources in its consumer and dealer facing sales and marketing programs and less in back-end operations.  Our expertise enables them to achieve this goal.  They gain the support of a world-class logistical partner without having to make and maintain a long-term investment in this business area.’

According to Michael Kelly Guitars founder and CEO Tracy Hoeft, ‘The relationship with KMC Music provides us with a strategically positioned logistical support partner that can help us to meet the demands created by our amazing growth.  This is a relationship that meets an immediate need that also offers the possibility of an expanded relationship in the future.’


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