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Zed Music to distribute revolutionary Flaxwood guitars

Zed Music Distribution, based in Sevenoaks, Kent, has been appointed UK distributor of the revolutionary wood-based resin Flaxwood electric guitars.

Flaxwood, hailed at NAMM shows and recipient of a five star review from US consumer magazine Premier Guitar, look like conventional high-end solid bodied instruments but are made from a natural fibre-reinforced thermoplastic, used in a revolutionary patented injection moulding process to produce the neck and body of the guitar. Luthiers then use traditional techniques to assemble and finish the guitars. The Finnish manufacturer says the material retains the tonal and sustain quantities of wood but avoids the natural inconsistencies found in traditional tonewoods and represent an alternative to the use of fast-dwindling supplies of traditional guitar building materials.

Resin guitars aren’t new (Gibson and Peavey have both experimented with resin instruments in the past) but Zed Music says: ‘The uniformity of Flaxwood provides an even, dynamic response through a guitar’s entire range. Flaxwood is created by breaking the grain structure of natural wood and using Flaxwood guitar’s patented manufacturing techniques; it is moulded into shape with an acoustically sensitive binding agent. Flaxwood is an ecological alternative to wood species used in traditional instrument building.’

Flaxwood guitars come equipped as standard with a Tune-X tuning system nut, which allows for consistent tuning and accurate intonation on all positions on the fretboard. The Tune-X tuning system nut is made from a self-lubricating, high-tech material that was especially and exclusively developed for the Flaxwood brand.

‘Flaxwood guitars have put a new twist on the electric guitar and we are very excited to be bringing them into the United Kingdom. We have no doubt the UK will love them just as much as we do,’ says Chris Mariani, Sales Director, Zed Music Distribution.

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