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Peavey Bass cabs arrive in UK

Peavey UK has confirmed the arrival of its PVH bass cabinets in the UK. The full range is now available now through exclusive distributors Barnes & Mullins.

B & M says that PVH series cabs have been designed with the gigging bass player in mind with features geared at making transportation easier and safer. A 15mm plywood construction, powder-coated black metal grill, metal corners and black carpet covering make the PVH series perfect for withstanding the rigours of the road.

Tonally, their custom designed, high excursion ceramic magnet woofers and advanced bracing mean they are capable of withstanding aggressive playing styles, dropped tunings and extended range basses without any loss of tonal integrity.

The PVH series consists of 4 models – a 2×10”, 2×12”and 4×10” with 600W, 900W and 1200W programme power handling respectively, as well as the flagship 1516 model that contains a heavy duty 15” speaker and two 8” mid/high speakers. The 1516 cabinet – 900W programme power handling – is an updated version of Peavey’s original and best-selling 1516 cab. The inclusion of two 8” mid/high speakers widen the delivery of the top half of the bass frequency range resulting in clearer characteristics when used with overdriven amplifiers and effects. This also achieves a more consistent tone over a wider area in front and to the sides of the cab.

All four Peavey PVH series cabinets are available to order now through the Barnes & Mullins sales team and via their online portal –

Peavey PVH 210 – £483.00 RRP

Peavey PVH 212 – £619.00 RRP

Peavey PVH 410 – £713.00 RRP

Peavey PVH 1516 – £651.00 RRP


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