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Barnes and Mullins

Supro’s Supreme Satisfaction

Supro has released a ‘Classic Series’ replica of the Chicago-made 1×10 combo used by Keith Richards throughout his long career. The Supro 1600 Supreme (£1,049 UK rrp) replicates the original 1959 version of the 1600 Supreme amplifier which was sold bearing either the famous Supro lightning bolt or the logo of the Oahu brand which, at the time, was also manufactured and owned by parent company Valco.

UK and EU distributor JHS adds that although mechanically similar to the 6973-powered Supro version, the Oahu used a pair of 6V6 power tubes in its Class-A output stage, achieving remarkable projection and clarity for a small-format combo amp and that it’s a complement of 6V6s that drives the reissue.

The Supreme’s pre-amp features a pair of parallel gain stages fed into a shared tone knob. This allows two instruments to share the same combo amplifier, though its more common use in Rock hands is for a single guitar to be plugged into both inputs for increased gain. or to be used as a pseudo channel switch.

The Supreme’s Class A output is fed into a 10” speaker that features the same voice coil magnet and suspension used in the 12” Black Magick combo.


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