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Marshall brought to book

Marshall has a new book out that looks like a ‘must have’ for many Christmas stockings this year – The Book Of Loud.

Written by Nick Harper, The Book Of Loud is structured a little like an album, Marshall says: ‘it has a mix of deep cuts from the past celebrating the legends of music such as The Ramones, Jimi Hendrix and The Who to the cutting-edge acts that are lighting up the scene today, which provide a framework, mixed in with fun interludes of trivia and amusing facts and figures such as Rock music’s most entertaining beefs and detailed instructions of Jack White’s rider for a gig in Oklahoma which was a request for Guacamole!’

The contents include: The loudest bands of all time – Blacklisted: the records banned from the radio – The greatest beards in rock – Notable rock star tattoos – The anatomy of a Marshall amp – The most notorious riders in gig history – … and much, much more!

The book will be available from Amazon or Marshall’s own store.


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