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New Steve Vai ‘Dark Matter’ pickups from DiMarzio

New York’s DiMarzio pickups has three new Dark Matter 2 models, developed in conjunction with Steve Vai.

“We love working with Steve Vai. As an artist, he’s constantly evolving and expanding the limits with his playing, composing, and instruments. So when he approached us about pickups for a new incarnation of his signature JEM, we developed Dark Matter 2 Neck, Bridge, and Middle models. These pickups are specifically EQed to match the earthy, organic aura of the new guitar,” DiMarzio says.

Dark Matter 2 Neck and Bridge models feature a custom laser-cut pickup grill with interlocking gear patterns. The Dark Matter 2 Middle pickup is a single-coil in satin nickel. They come as standard in the new Ibanez JEM Woody guitar, and are also to be available individually from DiMarzio. Info:

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