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JTS launches TC-22 replacement capsule for professional wireless systems

JTS has announced the launch of the TC-22 replacement condenser capsule for professional wireless mic systems, offering an unbeatable combination of sound quality and price.

Available in two models (one to fit JTS and Shure wireless systems, one to fit Sennheiser systems) the TC-22 offers an extremely wide dynamic range and very low touch noise, making it suitable for stage applications where the highest quality reproduction is required. Delivering a condenser microphone’s characteristic crystal clear mid and high response, it is a notable improvement over dynamic equivalents.

The TC-22 offers a frequency response of 50-18,000Hz and a sensitivity of -68±3 dB* (0.4mV) *0dB=1V /μbar, weighs 143 grammes and comes with a gold plated PC board connector.

The JTS SGM-14 available immediately throughout the UK.

More information from: FBT Audio UK:



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