Marshall Launches Record Label

Marshall launches record label

Marshall Amplification Plc has announced the launch of Marshall Records Limited which has been created inspire people to make their own music and bring guitar music to music lovers everywhere.

In the company’s announcement, Marshall has stressed the ethos that, “Marshall is more than just an amp manufacturing brand”, before adding, “Marshall is a music brand. It was Jim’s passion for music that was the driver for all he achieved, which is something that we are always conscious of.”

Marshall currently produces Bluetooth music speakers (Acton, Kilburn, Hanwell etc.), as well as headphones (Monitor, Major II, Minor etc), and the ‘London’ music smartphone. Marshall Records is described as, “the next logical step in Marshall’s evolution and is a keystone in the Marshall story.”


Marshall Records will be managed by London-based producer, Rob Cass, music industry veteran, Steve Tannett, and Marshall Brand Licensing Director Grace Pantony.