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Admira Guitars launch new UK website

Barnes and Mullins has announced the launch of a new UK website for Admira Guitars. The new web portal offers a comprehensive presentation of Admira’s extensive UK guitar catalogue, currently available through UK distributors, Barnes and Mullins Ltd.

Barnes & Mullins’ Associate Marketing Director, Alex Mew, commented, “We want to promote the benefits that Admira nylon-string guitars can have for both beginner and seasoned guitarists. The site is designed be a source of information that highlights how our beginner and student guitars offer a fun gateway into learning the guitar”, before adding, “We also passionately believe in promoting the fact that nylon-string guitars should be considered by guitar players who are yet to fully explore their unique possibilities. Experimenting with nylon stringed guitars can unlock an array of sounds and playing styles that could otherwise be overlooked by the acoustic or electric guitarist.”

Information pages in the new website offer explanations of each model’s design and sound characteristics, and also includes a retail locator map powered by Google Maps. There are also links to Admira’s UK-specific social media channels, and a registration area for customers to register their instruments and leave feedback that is visible to other website users.


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