Promark rises from the ashes

Promark rises from the ashes

Following a devastating fire at its Tennessee sawmill in 2014, drum stick manufacturer Promark has risen, almost literally, from the ashes to launch what it is describing as ‘the most durable hickory drumstick ever’.
Promark is calling its new sticks FireGrain, the result of a heat tempering process developed by Promark itself which the company says transforms ordinary hickory: ‘into precision tools with unprecedented durability.’
Promark also claims that FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer, naturally.
FireGrain will be available on the following models worldwide on August 1 at RRP £17.49
UK dealers can pre-order the sticks from D’Addario UK now.
FireGrain Classic 7A TX7AW-FG
FireGrain Classic 5A TX5AW-FG
FireGrain Classic 5B TX5BW-FG
FireGrain Classic 2B TX2BW-FG
FireGrain Rebound 5A R5AFG
FireGrain Forward 5A F5AFG
FireGrain Rebound 5B R5BFG
FireGrain Forward 5B F5BFG

Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash