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Alesis Drums Announces Purpose-Built Drum Amplification with Strike Amp 12 MK2 and 8 MK2

Alesis Drums has announced that it has launched the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 – two new additions to its growing line of electronic drum amplification. These amplifiers are specifically designed for the frequency ranges that electronic drum kits and multipad instruments produce, providing clear and powerful sound.

The Strike Amp series is highlighted by its robust features tailored for the modern musician. The Strike Amp 8 MK2 and Strike Amp 12 MK2 both deliver substantial power — 2000 watts and 2500 watts respectively. This power ensures sound is able to cut through in any performance environment.

Each model is crafted for easy integration into the user’s setup, with Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless audio streaming, dual combo XLR + 1/4″ inputs for direct instrument connection, as well as an XLR output for linking multiple amplifiers or connecting to a PA system. This thoughtful design accommodates various performance spaces including home and project studios and on-stage environments.


Adaptable to Any Space
​As acoustics in live settings and rehearsal spaces can be challenging, both the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 incorporate a High Pass Filter (HPF) switch. This switch allows for the swift removal of problematic frequencies, ensuring that the drums cut through the mix with clarity and definition. Additionally, a Ground Lift switch is included to address and eliminate any potential ground loop noise, preventing hums and buzzes that can detract from the quality of a performance. These design considerations underscore Alesis’s commitment to providing drummers with versatile, performance-ready amplification solutions.

Both amplifiers are constructed to be sturdy and lightweight, facilitating easy transport and setup for performances or practice sessions. The design also accommodates various placement options: they can be positioned in a traditional upright stance, laid back in a wedge formation for direct monitoring, or mounted on a pole for elevated sound dispersion. This flexibility is invaluable for ensuring optimal sound coverage, particularly in outdoor settings or venues where the PA system’s reach might be constrained. The Strike Amp series guarantees your drum sounds are delivered precisely where needed.


Features & Technical Info

  • Output Power:

12 MK2: 2500 W
8 MK2: 2000 W

  • Drivers:

Strike Amp 12 MK2: Low-Frequency Driver: 12.0″ (305 mm) woofer; High-Frequency Driver: 1.0″ (25 mm) compression driver
Strike Amp 8 MK2: Low-Frequency Driver: 8.0″ (203 mm) woofer; High-Frequency Driver: 1.0″ (25 mm) compression driver

  • Max SPL:

12 MK2: 132 dB
8 MK2: 130 dB

  • Frequency Response:

Strike Amp 12 MK2: 53 Hz – 20 kHz
Strike Amp 8 MK2: 62 Hz – 20 kHz

  • Connectors:

(2) Combo XLR + 1/4″ (6.35 mm) Inputs for versatile connectivity
(1) XLR output (Link)
Dedicated Bluetooth® channel for wireless streaming

  • Bluetooth Specifications:

Version: 5.0 for reliable, high-quality audio streaming
Range: Up to 100 feet / 30.5 meters, ensuring flexibility in stage setups

  • Additional Features:

Ground Lift switch to eliminate potential buzzes and hums from ground loops
HPF (High Pass Filter) switch for optimal sound clarity in any environment
Versatile mounting options, including wedge, upright, or pole-mounted positions, for flexible sound direction

  • Dimensions and Weight:

12 MK2: Dimensions (H x W x D): 23.9″ x 13.9″ x 13.8″ / 607 x 354 x 351 mm; Weight: 34.7 lbs. / 15.7 kg
8 MK2: Dimensions (H x W x D): 17.2″ x 10.1″ x 9.6″ / 436 x 256 x 245 mm; Weight: 21 lbs. / 9.5 kg

Both the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 from Alesis are designed to cater to the needs of modern drummers, combining high power, exceptional sound quality, and advanced connectivity options to enhance any performance or rehearsal.


Strike Amp 8 – $299.00

Strike Amp 12 – $399.00

​Both the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 are available now at the inMusic Store or through your preferred Alesis dealer.

For additional information on the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2, please explore the Alesis website.

More about Alesis
​Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis has led the charge to create innovative electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products utilizing Bluetooth technology and Apple’s iOS platform. Alesis is a proud member of the inMusic family of premier brands.

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