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MOOER Unveil Two New Effects Pedals

MOOER has unveiled its new duo of effect pedals, the Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2.

Harmony X2:

This device is a highly specialized and versatile harmonic shifting pedal, complete with every harmonic capability a guitarist could need for live performance and recording.

First and foremost, users of the Harmony X2 can select between the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale to customize their harmonies, with each pitch facilitating both major and minor scales. Once a root note has been chosen, a further 11 harmony modes enable further customization of harmonic intervals, including classics such as thirds, fifths, sevenths, and octaves.

Interestingly, the Harmony X2 is designed to specifically facilitate independent stereo harmonies. This means that guitarists can choose separate harmonic intervals for the left and right output, both of which can also have their volume adjusted independently by their dedicated dials. This allows the pedal to stand out from other harmonic pedals, facilitating harmonically rich tones that make optimum use of the stereo field.

After experimenting with these versatile parameters, guitarists can finely tune the intensity of the effect with the ‘Dry’ dial, determining the level of unprocessed guitar signal in the overall mix. Once satisfied, users can then save their favorite harmonic combinations with the ‘Save’ button, enabling them to return to their favorite preset at any time.

Despite the advanced nature of the Harmony X2 pedal, its use has been designed to be very simple. A dual foot-switch setup is provided to seamlessly toggle harmonic effects independently for both left and right panning, and a simple and sleek combination of dials and LED indicators help the user clearly visualize their harmonic effects.

The Harmony X2 supports standard 1/4″ inputs and outputs, with both containing two ports to facilitate both mono and stereo usage. However, these can interestingly be used in ‘mixed’ or ‘individual’ mode, enabling outputs that either correlate or merge the stereo inputs. The pedal is powered by the included DC 9V power supply, ensuring that guitarists never are never limited by the frustrating process of swapping out batteries during a performance or recording session.


  • High-quality pitch processing module
  • 12 pitch options with 11 harmonic modes
  • Two dials for isolated left and right harmonic customization
  • Two dials for left and right harmony volumes
  • Dedicated dial for adjusting the level of dry signal
  • Support for both major and minor scales
  • LED indicator for harmony mode
  • Two LED indicators for major or minor mode
  • Multi-purpose ‘Save’ button
  • Dual-footswitch setup for independent harmonic bypassing
  • Two ¼” inputs, supporting both mono and stereo
  • Two ¼” outputs that support stereo mixed or individual output modes
  • Powered by included 9V DC power supply

Tender Octaver X2:

Unlike the Pure and Purer Octave pedals which focus on pitch-shifting by the semitone, the Tender Octaver X2 is designed with a more specialized intention, focusing solely on octave shifts. When using the pedal, users can choose between two different octave shift modes, facilitating the addition of both subjacent and upper frequencies to a guitar signal. Both options have two dedicated rotatable dials, one for determining the volume of the added octave, and one for fine-tuning its tonal color.

Both of these octave effects can be used independently and can be toggled on or off with their own easy-access footswitches, each paired with its own LED light to indicate its current activation status. Furthermore, both effects can also be used simultaneously, empowering guitarists to experiment with unique tri-octave guitar presets.

However, these subjacent and upper octave effects need not be explicit if the guitarist using the Tender Octaver X2 is looking for a more subtle octave manipulation. Thanks to the octave volume dials and the “Direct” dial for dry signal volume adjustment, anything from an explicit pitch shift to a subtle octave underlay can be achieved within the same pedal.

The pedal also contains 14 preset slots, allowing users to experiment and save their favorite parameter combinations with the “Save” button. In classic MOOER fashion, this has been presented in a minimalistic fashion, with 7 LED lights representing the full range of 14 save slots, lighting up blue or red depending on which half of the slots are being browsed. Each slot can be saved into or browsed through the two “Sub” and “Upper” footswitches, providing a further example of MOOER’s dedication to making the most out of a minimalistic interface.

Using the pedal will be as simple as plugging it into the included DC 9V power supply, and plugging in a guitar with a standard ¼” guitar cable. Overall, the Tender Octave X2 is set to be an exciting new addition to MOOER’s octave pedal catalog, and if paired with the “Pure” or “Purer” Octave products, just about any pitch-shift combination is made possible for guitarists of any style or experience level.


  • Precise octave-shifting DSP algorithm
  • Two octave effect options – subjacent and upper
  • Two effect volume dials, one for each octave
  • A ‘Direct’ dial for adjusting the dry signal volume
  • 14 unique user preset slots
  • A dual-function ‘Save’ button for presets
  • 7 dual-color preset LEDs, with red representing one half of presets, and blue representing the other half
  • Two additional LEDs, indicating the activation status of both octave effects
  • Two footswitches that function both independently and simultaneously for effect toggling and preset browsing
  • ¼” mono input and output
  • DC 9V power supply
  • Minimalistic and compact casing design

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