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EBS Introduces RUNSTEN: An Advanced Pedalboard Power Supply for Today’s Musicians

EBS is proud to announce the launch of RUNSTEN at the NAMM Show 2024, a groundbreaking DC power supply for pedalboards designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s musicians for power, flexibility, and portability. Get rid of using multiple power supplies and get ready for the RUNSTEN. It will handle all your DC power needs.

Ten powerful and isolated DC outputs
RUNSTEN provides ten isolated 9V DC outputs, eight readily switchable to 12V DC. Each output delivers up to 900 mA, nearly twice the capacity of most conventional multi-output power supplies. This increased power output allows musicians to power multiple pedals, even units usually requiring a dedicated power supply, from one RUNSTEN. It reduces the number of devices needed to power your pedals and minimizes the risk of noise issues related to power.


Up to 24V DC, or 1.8 A with included adaptors
The RUNSTEN features a cable kit that includes adaptors to use two outputs together in parallel or serial to increase the current up to 1800 mA or Voltage up to 24 V DC when required. DC distribution cables and adaptors to reverse polarity and convert the size of a connector from 2.1 to 2.5 mm are also part of the kit.
USB to charge and power devices
In addition to its powerful DC outputs, RUNSTEN features two 5V USB outputs. These provide convenient smartphone charging or power for a USB light during performances.
Ready for international touring
Designed for global use, RUNSTEN operates with 120-230V AC, ensuring its readiness for your local performances and international tours.

Ultra-light and compact
Despite its powerful capabilities, RUNSTEN maintains a compact and lightweight design, weighing just 310 grams (0.68 lbs). It is an ideal solution for musicians seeking to reduce the weight and size of their pedalboard without compromising on power or flexibility.

With the RUNSTEN, EBS continues to empower musicians’ creativity by providing innovative, space-saving solutions for their pedalboard setups, such as the original flat patch cables.

Estimated Price:  € 259.00 / $249.99 

For more information, please visit EBS at NAMM booth 5441, or go to

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