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Palmer expands its PWT pedalboard power supply range with the new eight-output PWT 08 MK2

Palmer is expanding its PWT Series of universal 9-volt power supplies for the guitar and bass effects on pedalboards. The new PWT 08 MK2 model offers a total output of 2,000 mA across eight outputs, each with an isolated transformer. With two of the outputs offering variable voltage switching, the PWT 08 MK2 ensures clean and quiet pedalboard operation even when using particularly power-hungry effects pedals.

Palmer PWT

The PWT 08 MK2 was developed to provide every pedal on a pedalboard with an optimum power supply, and without any unwanted extraneous noise. This compact universal power supply unit has eight individually insulated outputs, and different output currents – two of which offer 500 mA – to adequately supply even current-hungry digital multi-effects units.

Outputs 7 + 8 are a special feature, as their output voltage can be adjusted between six and 18 volts. In addition to extended headroom for overdrive pedals, this also makes it possible to create the “dying battery” sound favoured by many guitarists, which is created when batteries run down and can no longer provide full voltage, resulting in sought-after “sagging” and fuzz tones.

The PWT 08 MK2 is also equipped with short-circuit and overload protection to prevent damage to the connected pedals in the event of a fault.

The PWT 08 MK2 is available from specialist retailers from December 2023 and complements the existing Palmer PWT range, which includes the bestselling PWT 06 IEC and PWT 12 IEC units, as well as the PWT 12 MKII, the PWT 05, and the super-slim PWT 04. All PWT power supply units ship with a mains cable and a complete set of DC cables.

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