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Introducing ABY and STEREO ABY from KMA Machines

KMA Machines has today announced the release of the first products in their new Utility series: passive mono and stereo ABY pedals with active switching.

These new affordable pedals feature a passive circuit for dual direction switching, plus allow for maximum signal integrity. At the same time, they also feature KMA’s silent active relay based switching, so loud mechanical footswtich noises are a thing of the past. Made in the brand’s Berlin factory to the same high standards as all KMA Machines products, they cross the divide between low-cost, sometimes unreliable devices and high-end units, that may be either over specified for simple AB/Y needs or could be out of reach for many musicians. In addition, the Stereo model is built in the same compact and handy chassis and allows for simple routing and combining of stereo devices such as keyboards, synths and the myriad of stereo FX pedals on the market today.

Both ABY and STEREO ABY will be available across the world from Audio Distribution Group imminently!

Main Features:

  • Passive range of affordable yet high-quality ABY pedals
  • Stereo version available
  • True Bypass, with active switching – best of both worlds
  • Active silent relay-based soft switching, heavily reduces mechanical noise and pops
  • Omnidirectional, for 2 into 1 or 1 into 2 operation
  • Distinct LED colours, to indicate the selected signal path at a glance
  • Durable compact enclosure for years of reliable switching
  • Top-mounted jacks, will fit into any setup
  • Made in Berlin, Germany
  • Power by opt. 9 V PSU (9 V DC, centre -, 2. mm, 40 mA max. current draw)

ABY : GBP ERP: £69
Available: Mid December

Available: Mid December

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